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10 Things to do if you are having a bad day

We all have a tough day sometimes. Sad, stressed, angry, frustrated. It is easy to turn towards things like alcohol, food, Netflix... but often those things don't help, they just numb or mask the issue.

Here are some ideas of thing you can do to bring yourself back to a baseline. Grounding yourself and changing your focus, so that you may feel better. 1. Breathe Deeply: Breathing long slow breaths in and out through our nose can really help relax our nervous system and calm us down. The other option would be to attend an in person or online Breathwork class which will bring our emotions to the surface so we experience them and let them out, rather than suppressing them. 2. Affirmations: Write down positive things, try to turn your negative statements into positive statements. Or focus on other things that are going well in order to lift your mood

3. Journal: Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with what is going on in our lives. It can help to put pen to paper and get our thoughts and feelings out that way. It might also bring us some mental clarity.

4. Sit in nature: Often admiring the beauty of nature can call in a feeling of awe which can turn of our monkey brain for just a little, or it can give you that time and space to process and think about what is going on.

5. Gratitude: You can't be grateful and upset at the same time. Tell yourself all the things you are grateful for, and feel the gratitude for those things. 6. Exercise: Even when you are feeling sluggish, tired, and sad. Get your running shoes on, because exercising will not only take your mind of things, but also release a bunch of feel good chemicals in your brain which will lift your mood

7. Go for a walk: Barefoot! Our bodies have an electrical conductivity to them. Earth acts as a large battery to balance out and recharge our bodies, thus working as an extremely powerful antioxidant

8. Dance: Who doesn't like dancing? - Especially when no one is watching ;) Put on your favourite tune and get moving. Our thought affect our feelings which affect our posture, but also our posture can effect our feelings and our thoughts. So if you change from sitting slumped over because you're depressed to jumping around to a happy song, it will lift your mood. 9. Have a shower or a bath: being in contact with water can be very cleansing emotionally. Literally washing away our worries. It is relaxing and refreshing, and we often feel like a new person afterward. 10. Have a cry: Last but not least, I know it's not much fun to be sad, but you are going to feel even worse if you keep bottling things up. So sometimes we just need to be ok with not being ok. Set some time aside and have a good cry. Watch a sad movie or listen so sad songs if you need trigger to get you going.

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