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The world needs more healers

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"We had a fantastic tour with Mel. Very well organised and we felt incredibly lucky to see many of the extraordinary places around NT in such a relaxed and flexible setting.

Highly recommended.

Thanks Wild Spirit Rising!!"

- Jason Kennedy 



"Thanks Mel for being open and raw and allowing all of us women come to a safe space to share and learn. I’m really grateful for what I have learnt and meeting all of you. Loved the holotropic breath work and that it opened up spaces I didn’t know were there. My Advice to those who haven’t done something like this is give it a go and give yourself fully and be brave and you will get something out of it!"

- Victoria Ciccarone



"I recently attended my first event with Mel Coombs and it was absolutely amazing. In the one-day retreat, I did breathwork for the first time and Mel was very supportive during and in the group sharing after.

Mel is a skilled facilitator of breathwork and NLP practitioner.

Thank you Mel for the fantastic support."

- Cherie Heart



“I recently attended Mel’s workshop.

She asked many questions that encouraged a depth of thinking. We had to think through answers for ourselves, then Mel talked us through our existing experience and offered us ways to challenge our thinking.

I would recommend this workshop to women who are curious about developing their spirituality and who want to take time for themselves.

Mel guided us through all experiences at a relaxed pace and the location was to die for.”

- Holly Andrews



“I attended a one day retreat host by Mel, along with 5 other women and honestly it was such an amazing experience. The space she created and held for me was truly divine. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it but I was drawn to it and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Through the day we shared many experiences through the sharing circles, practiced breath work (which was intense but my favourite part of the whole day – cannot recommend it enough), did yoga, mediation, had a refreshing swim, ate amazing food and spoke about self love and compassion and how to combat those negative thoughts.

It is the perfect day for anyone looking to take a break and focus on themselves but particularly if you’re looking to start working on yourself more and wanting to go deeper into your personal development and spiritual journey.

I felt no pressure or criticism, just trust and the safety to let go. We had an amazing group of women who surrendered and allowed Mel to do all the amazing things she does so well. I highly suggest giving it a go and allowing yourself the time and space to release and let go ~ this is honestly what i needed and this was the perfect way to do it.

I must add the venue was SO amazing. Homely, breezy, surrounded by nature and everything you would want on a day out for yourself.”

– Shana Roxanne



“Absolutely A M A Z I N G 

I recently attended one of the retreats and it was honestly such a fantastic, relaxing, emotional yet healing experience Particular favourite part of the retreat was the breath work with Mel  I have attended retreats and healings, however never have I had such a positive breakthrough of healing like I did with Mel’s guidance The yoga/ meditation and sound healing were absolutely blissful and the setting surrounded by Mother Nature was just spectacular It was such a fabulous experience, and I especially loved the connection with like minded people and support within the group throughout the whole experience 

I highly recommend anyone who has any type of stress, trauma or feeling like something new or some self love to attend  xx”

-Sarah Johnstone



“I recently attended a one day retreat with Mel and absolutely loved it! Loved the connections with people I made there and the opportunity to be absolutely vulnerable with myself. I got a lot out of the breath work and feel I’ve only just touched the surface, definitely keen to do more with Mel. Would absolutely recommend anyone wanting clarity/guidance/ a day to just be themself to join in a retreat. “

– Nellie Mclean



"I did a day retreat with Mel, it was amazing. I was brought back to myself care ritual, a beautiful reminder to look after me!! The breath work bought up many emotions, and helped release and let go. Highly recommend making time for yourself and getting down to a session, to feel the release."

-- Lyn Peckman

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